Where ignorance is bliss, ‘tis folly to be wise. A quote from a poem by Thomas Gray. We are all probably familiar with the quote, if not the poem. What is folly? I looked it up in the dictionary and it says the state or quality of being foolish, a lack of understanding, and other similar uses that have to do with unwise actions. When studying the Bible, there is a reason we should look elsewhere than a dictionary to see how a word is used. We should compare Scripture to Scripture. How does the Bible define the word “folly”?

In the KJV Old Testament usage, folly always has to do with sexual wickedness. (In the New Testament, it is used more in our modern sense.) Shechem wrought folly in Israel by lying with Jacob’s daughter (Genesis 34:7), the sons of Belial came after a man and were warned to “do not this folly” (Judges 19:23), and when Amnon raped his sister Tamar, he was warned, “Do not thou this folly” (2 Samuel 13:12).

These behaviors and actions certainly lack understanding and are unwise, but their effects extend well beyond the person who performed the actions. When the actions are ignored, and in many cases embraced or even promoted, the entire society suffers. These actions are what we would call wicked, using modern terminology, but that word is no longer politically correct.

The PC police will track you down and stop you if you dare to call wickedness what it is. They are actively promoting every form of perversion known to man, and it is affecting our entire society. We will all suffer for this and we are seeing the fruits of a bitter tree. Local churches should allow all sinners into the congregation, but should reject the normalization of the sin itself, yet we have so-called Christian churches ordaining homosexuals and even having “family friendly” Drag Queen Bingo run by a “Christian” drag queen who wears pentagrams among other satanic symbols. Most recently, they have sexualized a familiar childhood cartoon, Scooby-Doo, by presenting Velma as a lesbian. This is a cartoon in which the teenagers did not even date, at least not that I remember. Why are they even talking about sex on a children’s cartoon?

Recent headlines are sickening. Many of these things are daily occurrences where they used to be rare. Many people who used to be part of circus sideshows are now presented as part of normalized “alternate lifestyles”. In 2001, there was a headline that read “Father Jailed for Mutilation”. A Muslim immigrant imposed female circumcision on his daughter. This is a barbaric practice and if you are so inclined, you can look into it. I am not going to explain this further here. However, 20 years later, parents are being praised for mutilating their children in the trans-gender madness that has taken over our once-great nation. If one state passes a law against it, other states declare themselves to be “sanctuary states” for this abomination. This is purely demonic and it is taking over our society.

As you read the news, go beyond the headlines. The headlines are what the powers that run this world want you to see. Look at the reality. Most of these bizarre stories are of a sexual nature. Things are becoming as they were in the days of Noah. I say “becoming” because things are going to get worse. We need to stand strong and be prepared for the consequences of standing up for what is right. The world hates truth. John the Baptizer was beheaded for speaking Truth.

People have always made poor choices and they always will. Unwed mothers have always existed. Homosexuals have always existed. However, we have gone from compassion for those who suffer to normalization to celebration! Teen mothers who choose to not kill their babies should be commended for not killing their babies, however, they should not be praised for their actions that got them into that situation in the first place. We have gone from looking the other way when it comes to homosexuality to normalizing their lifestyles to praising them for their “bravery”, and some would argue, we have allowed the normalization of the grooming of children by pedophiles in the name of inclusivity. Renaissance Italy was once the biggest world superpower until they started normalizing deviant behaviors, advanced to promoting those behaviors, and then requiring everyone who wanted to be someone to participate in their deviancy.

Many are working a folly in our land.

If ignorance is bliss, the USA is becoming the garden of paradise.

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